About Us

Willboard is a corporation with presence in America, Europe and Asia, formed by executives with more than 20 years of experience in the market of advanced technological products. We are in the United States (USA), Hong Kong, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Paraguay and Spain.


Was born in Miami, USA as WILLBOARD developing the sale of its products to Florida and Latin America with excellent results.

The constant interaction with the factories and our strict quality control, through audits and permanent supervision, allows us to guarantee excellent products with unbeatable levels of profitability.

Willboard is established in Miami, Florida for the operation in the USA and in Hong Kong for sales to distributors in other countries of the world.


Technological renewal projects

Willboard is part of the educational system of the following institutions

 Arcola Lakes Elementary
 Crestview Elementary
 Golden Glades Elementary
 Howard Drive
 Lake Stevens
 Nathan B Young
 Skyway Elementary
 Robert Russa Moton
 Robert Renick Educational Center
 Sia Tech
 Southwest Miami Shoutwood Middle High
 Jr Lee Educational Center

 Lindsey Hopkins Technical Education Center
 Robert Morgan Educational Center
 Miami Central Senior High School
 Miami Southridge High School
 Miami Edison Middle School
 Mater Charter Academy
 Miami Lakes Tech
 Miami North Western Senior High School
 William Turner Bob Graham
 Florida Memorial Saint Tomas
 FIU, Broward College
 Miami Dade College
 Winston Mc Nicol Middle School

 Mc Arthur High School
 Nova Middle School Apollo Middle School
 Altantic Technical Center and Technical High School
 Sheridan Technical College
 Silver Lakes Elementary
 Lauderdale Lakes
 Palmer Trinity School
 Saint Tomas Parish School
 Guilliver Academy
 Carlos Albizu University
 Florida Career Center College