Willboard is an interactive screen (touch screen) with processing capability under the Windows or Android environment designed as a support and collaboration tool to make it easier for educators to instruct students, as well as the absorption of knowledge by students.

Distinguishing elements

It is important to highlight the fact that the quality of education has two long-term effects, the first the harmonious development of society and the second, social inclusion in general.

Recent studies reveal that the size of the classroom influences the quality of education, however, it is of greater impact the ability of the educator to transmit the knowledge to the students.

The use of Willboard, contributes to the educator and society, through this, to enhance the capacity of transmission of knowledge as a consequence of the characteristics of the product.


Digital Touch Display

System for presentations, training and interactive video-conference
Developed in LCD / LED screens with the "All in One" concept of large size.

 "All in One" is the integration of different high-tech components (4K Image, Interactive Screen,Camera and PC) in a unique design.

 We offers specialized solutions:


Our products interact and synchronize with any kind of devices (Tablets, PC, Smartphones) and any kind of operating system (depending on the App)

 We offer solutions for:

  • Government
  • Educaction
  • Hospitality
  • Corporations

Available in (3) three basic sizes, 65", 85" and 103 ".  Other sizes can be manufactured according to the specific needs required.


Our Innovation "All in One" It is the most technological integration in the world of interactive displays.


Software that facilitates the use and interaction between Willboard and tablets or Notebooks. It plays an important role in combination with the hardware, services and instructional methods that are transforming education.

Classroom Management Software:

 Helps students develop skills needed for the 21st century, such as communication, collaboration, creativity, problem solving, critical thinking and digital knowledge, through rich and interactive applications.

 Empower teachers with tools to manage the classroom and keep students busy.

 Enables IT technicians to protect students and malware and loss technology through Classroom Management Software IT.


Technical characteristics of Willboard All-In-One Systems.

All in one
Turn Key Solution

Touch System Properties:
 No calibration or screen adjustment required.
 You do not need "Drivers" native to Windows operating system.
 99% accuracy, comparable to writing with a pen.
 Response time of 5mm seconds.
 Writing and drawing program with help in different languages.