Our Products

Our products are 100% designed in the United States, and manufactured in China, integrating the highest quality components from the best brands in the market.

Our panels are high performance Interactive Systems that produce all-in-one experiences. We ensure that our equipments support all around connectivity to other devices, and multiple A/V ports, customizable according to the users' needs.

Willboard interactive technologies are characterized by a perfect combination of user experience, durability and affordable price.

Technological Solutions

Anti-shock resistance and a 100% aluminum frame, are some of the distinguishing features in our products, which guarantee long lasting equipment and better quality for our loyal clients.

Digital Touch Display

20 Touch Points. Impact, scratch and stain resistant. FHD/UHD LED Technology Displays.

Education Software

All units come with a software package that makes it easy for teachers to give a 100% interactive class, both in person and online.

All-In-One System

Our interactive systems allow you to work, teach, and entertain using the latest technology options.

Turn Key Solutions

Easy-to-use, calibration-free units. Designed to be used by people of all ages.

Distance Learning Tools

Integrated hardware and software to facilitate distance education in an interactive and fun way.


Our interactive systems facilitate the communication between people in different locations, breaking the barriers of distance and time.

Our Services

Willboard Devices Integration

Connect all Willboard devices with A/V and Sound Systems. All our Smart Boards are Compatible with most of new and legacy devices in the market.

Wall Mount Installation

Fixed, Articulating, Low Profile, Tilting, and Full-Motion brackets for any TVs, Smart Boards and Advertising Screens.

Home Theater Systems

Design, Installation, Integration and Sale of 5.1, 6.1 and 7.1 Channel Home theaters and Dolby Atmos 3D Surround systems.

A/V Systems

Design and Installation for High Definition (720p), Full High Definition (1080p) and Ultra High Definition (3840p) Camera Systems. We also have fixed cameras with audio tracking system (Follow Me). Cameras have 2x+ zoom.

IT Physical & Remote Support

Physical and remote technical support through Teamviewer and other commonly used tools.


Conditioning and integration of equipment, applications and tools for distance education.


Courses, seminars and certifications to improve the use of our equipment, tools and user support applications.

IT - A/V Consulting

In-person visits from our team members to provide comprehensive technological support.

Willboard Technology

At Willboard, we have realized that our purpose is to create, develope, innovate and integrate the latest technologies, in order to achieve both educational and commercial solutions that meet the needs of every user, and keep up with the latest technological and communication trends.

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