Video Walls

Imagine a huge screen with an output receiver from your device, mirroring any video or picture you want to display with best image quality ever. You decide the size you prefer for your image and/or video.

Our Video Walls are multi-monitor set-ups, which means they consist of multiple computer monitors tiled together in order to function as one larger screen.

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User Experience Features

We offer a variety of screens capable of displaying, through image mirroring, any Audio/Visuals at a larger scale in order to maximize the viewers' experience, and deliver information to a larger audience.

High Definition

Full HD crystal screens deliver the highest image quality, providing a fantastic visual experience.


Our products are assembled with high quality parts to ensure long lasting usage. Service Life is based on the quality of the components and it is the key for endurance.

Easy To Assemble

Panels connect to each other automatically and are very simple to fit together, making the creation of the specific image size you desire easier than ever.

Available Sizes

Our panels come in two basic sizes specifically designed for excellent performance in a variety of set-ups.