During the last 10 years, we have been designing and manufacturing State of the art interactive technology for clients worldwide.

Our interactive tables can be used for several purposes: in restaurants, education, recreational places, personal and more, simplifying and technifying the communication and hospitality for users.

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User Experience Features

We offer a variety of interactive tables with multiple uses that facilitate processes, make tasks more engaging and provide enterntainment.


WillBoard panels allow users to interact with all kinds of devices, and at the same time, other information sources such as the internet, Apps, servers, interactive books and more, getting the attention of viewers and creating effective results and ideas.


Simultaneous touching response in up to 20 separate points, allowing multiple users to do collaborative work in any environment.

High Speed Touch Response

Willboard touch screen eliminates accidental touches based on size and speed of touch. High touch accuracy and fast response times of 6-8 milliseconds.

High Definition

Full HD crystal touch screen delivers the highest image quality, providing a fantastic visual and interactive experience.

App Compatibility

Willboard can run all the programs and applications made for Windows (optional) and Android Operative systems.

Capacitive Touchscreens

Our interactive screens won't react to preassure, but only to contact with something that conducts electricity. This means they will react to a stylus or human touch, but won't react to contact with any other objects.

Available Sizes

Our tables come in two basic sizes specifically designed for excellent performance in a variety of set-ups. Other sizes are also available through custom requests.

Screen Special Features

Antishock Screen

Willboard units come with a tempered glass screen cover that resists high impacts, and an aluminum frame built for prolonged use and better performance. Almost indestructible.

Anti-glare Screen

Anti-reflective coating (also called "AR coating" or "anti-glare coating") that improves visibility, reduces eye strain, and makes your WillBoard look more attractive.

Technical Specifications

We ensure that our equipments support all around connectivity to other devices, and multiple A/V ports, customizable according to the users' needs.

Dual OS

WillBoard can be used with both Windows and Android operative systems with an easy switch. All Our Willboard units use a primary OS (Windows) and a backup OS (Android).

Multi-Input Source

Willboard is a multi-source unit, which means that you can connect multiple types of devices (Bluray, DVD, Cable, etc.) at the same time.

Remote Access

Willboard allows Remote support tools and software that enable an IT technician or a support representative to connect to the unit from their consoles via the Internet and work remotely on the system.

Works Without Accesories

Willboard Users never need to buy another input peripheral devices. Everything is included in our AIO.


Willboard is equipped with a dual-band WiFi antenna that is capable of transmitting at either of two different standard frequency ranges, 2.4 GHz AND 5.0 GHz channels.

Specs List

You can see the list of specifications in this link