About Us

Willboard is a corporation with presence in America, Europe and Asia, and formed by executives with more than 20 years of experience in the market of advanced technological products. We have offices in the United States and Hong Kong, and distributors all around the world (Paraguay, Peru, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Colombia and Spain)

Willboard Team
Antonio Hernández, CTO
Willboard Warehouse


Willboard was created in Miami, Florida, developing the sale of its products locally and to Latin America with excellent results.

The excellency and unbeatable affordability of our products is guaranteed by the constant interaction with our factories, strict quality control, thorough audits and constant supervision.

Willboard's headquaters are located in Miami, Florida. All operations in countries outside of the USA are processed through our branch located in Hong Kong.

Mission & Vision

Willboard is dedicated to the development of solutions in the world of Audio/Visual technology. Our state-of-the-art application is focused on LED Touch Interactive Display technology for educational and professional use.

We integrate everything that is needed for a good presentation into a single piece of equipment, and ensure to draw the attention of the viewers with quality Audio/Visual support, which contributes to delivering ideas in a more effective way.

Our Quality

Our products are designed in the USA and manufactured in China, by integrating the highest quality components from the best brands in the market.

The production process is audited from A to Z in order the guarantee the best results, timing and finishing. Anti-shock resistance and a 100% aluminum frame, are some of our product's distinguishing features. These features provide our loyal customers with better quality and longer lasting equipment.

We are proud to be an American Registered Brand.
Intellectual Property Department The Government of the HKSAR

Support Network

With worldwide presence through our distributors, resellers and allies.

Some Clients & Projects

Willboard is part of the educational system of the following institutions:

Arcola Lakes Elementary
Crestview Elementary
Golden Glades Elementary
Howard Drive
Lake Stevens
Nathan B Young
Skyway Elementary
Robert Russa Moton
Robert Renick Educational Center
Sia Tech
Southwest Miami Shoutwood Middle High
Jr Lee Educational Center
Lindsey Hopkins Technical Education Center
Robert Morgan Educational Center
Miami Central Senior High School
Miami Southridge High School
Miami Edison Middle School
Mater Charter Academy
Miami Lakes Tech
Miami North Western Senior High School
William Turner Bob Graham
Florida Memorial Saint Tomas
FIU, Broward College
Miami Dade College
Winston Mc Nicol Middle School
Mc Arthur High School
Nova Middle School Apollo Middle School
Altantic Technical Center and Technical High School
Sheridan Technical College
Silver Lakes Elementary
Lauderdale Lakes
Palmer Trinity School
Saint Tomas Parish School
Guilliver Academy
Carlos Albizu University
Florida Career Center College


Raymi Fernandez
Director of Technology  |  Albizu University

“Willboard represents first-line technological tools for Albizu. At present it is our great strength to be able to carry out with quality everything related to Distance Education, Online and Face- to-face projects. Willboard is definitely very complete and robust, easy to use and with many benefits for its users.”

Pastor Armando Ruiz
Iglesia Vida  |  Life Church

“Our Churches have cutting-edge technology to transmit our teachings in the best way both locally and remotely thanks to the Willboard Interactive Panels.”

Guadalupe Alfonso
Teacher VPK  |  Loyola Elementary

“If someone take away my Willboard I die, it is perfect, super useful, multipurpose, super easy to use. They are the best.”

Alina Veloy
Teacher  |  Miami Springs Preschool

“I absolutely love this board. The kids and I use it all day long for educational videos, games and screen sharing. The Willboard has everything we need and is easy to use.”

Gus Sabogal
Palmer Trinity School

“By far, utilizing Willboard has been a blessing... The single most important device we have implemented in the last 10/15 years.”

Amado Álvarez
Assistant Principal  |  Our Lady Of Charity Private School

“Smartboards are a great resource for students and teachers. Willboard company is a very responsible and professional team.”

Caridad López
Special Education Teacher  |  Our Lady Of Charity Private School

“Willboard Technological Solutions is a good resource for teaching class, and also is special tool for special education students.”

Vanessa Tirado
Teacher  |  Miami Springs Preschool

“The best experience ever kids learned and enjoyed playing with the board. The Best!”

Ana María Feo
General Manager  |  Loyola Elementary

“We have two years buying their equipment. Their sales service has been timely and they have responded to our financial needs. Their technical service and customer service has been immediate and impeccable. The equipment is of high quality. We are very happy for the support of Willboard and its staff.”

Yanmiver Jimenez
Business Advisor  |  Instagram Influencer

“I am really impressed with the Willboard Technology and the support it represents for today's world in the corporate, educational, health and personal aspects.”

Due to their characteristics, versatility, and functionality, our Willboard products are suitable for any type of business.

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